You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
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Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance.


It's important for a website like PrivacyTools to be up-to-date. Keep an eye on software updates of the applications listed here. Follow recent news about providers that are recommended. We try our best to keep up but we're not perfect and the internet is changing fast. So if you find an error, or you think a provider should not be listed here, or a qualified service provider is missing or a browser plugin is not the best choice anymore or anything else...

Talk to us! If you want to help make the best website it can be, join our Matrix discussion chat at, where we talk about open issues and PRs in this repo, and changes to the site. You may submit any website suggestions here on GitHub Issues. Please refer to the contribution guidelines and consider stopping by our chat room before submitting. Thank you.

If you want to discuss privacy in general, a new tool, or just something else, feel free to join our Discourse community or our general Matrix room at and start a discussion! This is a community project and we're aiming to deliver the best information available. Thank you for participating.


  1. Install the latest stable version of Ruby.
  2. Install Bundler v2.0.1:
    • gem install bundler -v 2.0.1
  3. Install the required dependencies:
    • bundle install
  4. Build the website (the output can be found in the _site directory):
    • bundle exec jekyll build
  5. Serve the website locally with live reloading:
    • bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental --livereload



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