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Jack Chou 6 months ago
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## Images
- SVG file format is strongly preferred. PNG files can be used as a fallback if images are too complex or otherwise unsuitable as a vector format.
- We like to optimize all SVGs we add to the site. [This]( is a helpful guide as to how we do it with [Inkscape](
- Some SVGs generated by Illustrator or Sketch are broken, therefore copying the SVG content to a new canvas is sometimes required. (We found this with the Mailcow logo). Looked fine in local builds but was wrong once rendered through netlify preview etc.
- We only have SVGs that have a canvas size of 128x128px or 384x128px.
- Provider logo dimensions are 384px x 128px ([example](
- Tool logo dimensions are 120px x 120px ([SVG example](, [PNG example](
- Tool logo dimensions are 128px x 128px ([SVG example](, [PNG example](
## Licensing