Go Incognito: A Guide to Security, Privacy, & Anonymity
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Go Incognito: A Guide to Security, Privacy, & Anonymity

Go Incognito is a video-based course teaching users of varying experience levels about privacy, security, and anonymity. It’s part of the Techlore mission to educate users and provide them with not only a tutorial for improving their data habits, but to transform their way of thinking about why, where, when, and how to treat their personal information. Go Incognito is available free to watch, is shareable to the public through a Creative Commons license, and will one day include a premium version for users who want perks and to support our cause. It’s been in production since May, 2018, and is still in the process of being released.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Navigating Go Incognito

Project Status

Premium vs Free Version

  • All information between the two versions are exactly the same.
  • Free includes short self-developed ads at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Free is being released first, and is more prone to mistakes and improvements. Before premium is published, I'll be remastering the lessons and applying as many changes from the changelog as possible.
  • Free is accessible on YouTube, and is under Creative Commons meaning you can upload it anywhere you want. Assuming: A) It's unmodified B) It's unmonetized and C) Techlore is credited.
  • Premium will include many more perks to make the experience more engaging, including: Checklists for certain lessons, fun interactive activies, a certificate, direct support along the way, and more.

Contributing to Go Incognito

There are several ways you can support this initiative, here are the main methods:

  • Directly donating to our channel through Patreon, Brave Rewards, Monero, or other donation methods found here.
  • Sharing the course with your friends and family. It's friendly to both beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Sharing and spreading the course to different communities around the internet.
  • Uploading the free course to a platform of your choice. Because the free course is licensed under Creative Commons, go for it! Read the instructions on things to keep in mind in the 'Premium vs Free Version' section to avoid violating the license.
  • Translating the scripts to another language. I don't have an easy way to streamline this process yet, so email me @ support@techlore.tech for instructions.