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<li>Locate your MW2 Install, and make note of the folder name and folder path (Your folder name may differ from the example below). </li>
<img src="" width="539" height="344" class="img-fluid">
<img src="" alt="mw2 install folder" width="539" height="344" class="img-fluid">
<li>Download the following <a href="">torrent</a> and open it with qBittorent.</li>
<li>Once prompted with the following screen, click on the icon marked in red:</li>
<img src="" width="568" height="380" class="img-fluid">
<img src="" alt="browse for mw2 files" width="568" height="380" class="img-fluid">
<li>Browse to the location of your MW2 folder and mark it by clicking on it once. Now click "Select Folder":</li>
<img src="" width="467" height="413" class="img-fluid">
<img src="" alt="select mw2 folder" width="467" height="413" class="img-fluid">
<li><b>IMPORTANT:</b> Untick "Keep top-level folder". After that, hit OK to start the repair process:</li>
<img src="" width="539" height="344" class="img-fluid">
<img src="" alt="untick keep top level" width="539" height="344" class="img-fluid">
<li>The torrent client will now check your game files and re-download missing or corrupted ones:</li>
<img src="" class="img-fluid">
<img src="" alt="check game files" class="img-fluid">
<li>Once the torrent status changes to <b>Seeding</b> the repair process is complete.</li>