Collection of bash/python Scripts I use.
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Moving WP Domains (New)

  1. Run ./ with Migration Selected.

Moving WP Domains (Legacy)

  1. sudo certbot delete the old domain.
  2. Delete the old domain from MIAB + DNS on modem.
  3. Add new domain to MIAB + DNS on modem.
  4. Rename the folder inside /var/www/.
  5. Rename the VirtualHost inside cfg with :%s/
  6. Replace the domain in with the new one.
  7. Use the WP Plugin: Better Search Replace and replace all instances of the old url to the new one.
  8. Replace Emails (Admin Accs, etc).
  9. Update Plugin specific things (WP Mail, cron @ Email Subscribers, Yoast SEO).
  10. Update Search Consoles [Google] [Bing] [Yandex]