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ccostan fc0cf59781 Updated for Security Release and Patches. 3 days ago
ccostan e0afc5c1e1 Additional Steps to rid the house of Wink. #735 1 week ago
ccostan 95f0958f57 Remove SOME of the legacy NEST stuff #925 2 weeks ago
ccostan 641d710b29 Closes #957 - HA Upgrade 2 weeks ago
ccostan e8818a987f Fixed up some Wait Templates that were stuck in the system loop. 3 weeks ago
ccostan ca87dc2d8c Great Idea to turn on the lights if the front door is opened. https://github.com/adonno/Home-AssistantConfig/issues/36 3 weeks ago
ccostan 9a79d92da8 Reminded to turn off the garagelights by https://github.com/adonno/Home-AssistantConfig/issues/38 3 weeks ago
ccostan 8813a23783 Minor Updates to formatting #955 4 weeks ago
ccostan 70932718bd Modifications to make sure we are not sending too many calls to Amazon #955 4 weeks ago
ccostan 63712a9b67 Added in some choose statements to push the video around the house depending on sensors : #955 4 weeks ago
ccostan a59edc9f65 Testing out cameras on Show #955 - Plus new version. 4 weeks ago
ccostan 148d782775 Upgraded to 1.0 err.. 2020.12.0 1 month ago
ccostan ee58e32fa5 No need to track every amazon Device. 1 month ago
ccostan d43da5a441 Updated Boolean logic tests for Color Lights 1 month ago
ccostan d6317cf7a6 Updated Holiday Elements in the front of the house - Novo Stella Lights! 1 month ago
ccostan d99fa939ae Added in Murray Node Red Flows #932 1 month ago
ccostan c301b496a5 Save Christmas! https://www.vcloudinfo.com/2020/11/how-to-disable-alexa-delivery-notification-descriptions.html 1 month ago
ccostan 12ceba2b66 I think the FLoodlight is staying. 1 month ago
ccostan 49a22f1cb4 Added in more Christmas lights. 1 month ago
ccostan 78e0dba6a8 Opened #297 - The integration is still very buggy. Disabling for now. 1 month ago
ccostan f299aaea59 Closes #931 - Also adds in exceptions for timed light birghtness 1 month ago
ccostan ab8d72fc0d Updated Outdoor lights for the Holidays. 1 month ago
ccostan 03ed09cc0f Updated Outdoor lights for the Holidays. 1 month ago
ccostan ff3fef3390 #932 - https://www.vcloudinfo.com/2020/11/home-assistant-pet-automation-example.html 1 month ago
ccostan 348f3783c7 Add some additional Logic to the Holiday Countdowns. #288 1 month ago
ccostan 088ba7ca54 Upgrades to 0.118.3 and fixed #924 1 month ago
ccostan 30f195a1f7 Video Projection testing.. 1 month ago
ccostan b0e94e52d0 Closes #926 1 month ago
ccostan 321beb189c Updated SLEEPYQ library for temp workaround. 1 month ago
ccostan 4e613c03e2 Updated 0.118 version 1 month ago
Carlo Costanzo d10b7f6ef8
Update .travis.yml 2 months ago
ccostan 6da9d092bf #828 Never lose the remotes again! 2 months ago
ccostan cb6960d87d Addign this back into HA #297 - Chevy Bolt 2 months ago
ccostan a3de6c725f New Versions and August Lock YouTube Video #shorts 2 months ago
ccostan 12292ccd36 Update to #844 - Adding in VillaNeri Pathway lights to the front of the house. 2 months ago
ccostan 982166ac34 Couple of missing items in #910 https://www.vcloudinfo.com/2020/10/how-to-track-stocks-in-home-assistant-using-a-custom-component.html 2 months ago
ccostan da5aa02549 Closes #910 with https://www.vcloudinfo.com/2020/10/how-to-track-stocks-in-home-assistant-using-a-custom-component.html 2 months ago
ccostan 3e6b75b5b9 Upgrade and Update school Schedules a Bit. Also testing VillaNeri lights. 2 months ago
ccostan bbea43145e More Words.. Spooky and Merry to be exact. 3 months ago
ccostan b331f88795 More Words for Tweets and Snark. 3 months ago
ccostan 7b3cc8d7c4 Added in some more Videos and ThrowBack Blog Posts. 3 months ago
ccostan 3faae879f2 Add in Release notes link to any HA Upgrade issue. 3 months ago
ccostan 3ef9a285c6 Upgraded to 0.116 - Minor update to some tweet wordings. 3 months ago
ccostan 76704610e7 Updated for #469 - Removed unnecessary Comments - Added in YouTube Video - https://www.vcloudinfo.com/2020/10/simple-example-of-using-yaml-node-anchors-in-home-assistant.html 3 months ago
ccostan bb7edc269f Fixing up the monthly colors. 3 months ago
ccostan 0bb1feee6b Upgrade to 0.116 and move over Synology Stuff. 3 months ago
ccostan 504ea6eebf Testing out the REPEAT Loop Funtionality in my YouTube Script. 3 months ago
Carlo Costanzo 602b43f672
Delete label-commenter.yml 3 months ago
Carlo Costanzo aea6d37775
Delete label-commenter-config.yml 3 months ago
ccostan 333a50110d Additional Node Anchors and DRY processes - #469 3 months ago